The Revenge: Live or Die

Chapter three

Medical Emergency
5:30 P.M

“Pardon me, sir, do you know where room 32 is? Am here to see my friend.” Cherish asked one of the doctors as she walked quietly towards the nearest desks.

“Yes, how may I assist you?’ he answered while rearranging the documentation in his hands.

“Is there any way I can see my best friend, she was admitted here a few hours ago, but I was told she was in room 32. I want to see her, do you mind showing me the way there please.”

Go straight ahead. And take a right after the second blue door. You will find room #32 on the left. But I believe she’s still asleep due to the treatments she was given. By the way I’m Doctor Chinie. I will be in my office if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to stop by.”

“Oh, thank you a lot Dr. Chinie.” She said appreciatively.


Room #32
5:55 PM

Cherish walks attentively as she stares deeply into each room she passes by. When arrived at the door, she stops and knees on the floor, closes her eyes and began to pray. “Hey big guy… Sigh… God am about to enter this room to see my friend Chandelle, please father let her be up and okay. I don’t want her to be in pain or feel anymore discomfort. I really would not know how to react if she is in so much pain. By the way, thank you so much for protecting her and not allowing that creep to kill her. I love her so much and you know she is the only one I have since my parents went away. Amen.”

After praying, she opens the door, pulls the curtains and quickly ran to where Delle is laying down.

“Hey sweetie, are you all right? Wow…hmm am so happy to see you sis. I miss you a lot, I won’t lie. I can’t do anything without you around. The past hours have been the most terrifying moments of my life; you remember when we first moved into our dormitory together, in that triple room but kicked our roommate out? Ha, yeah, I do too. Those were the days. Where we would disturb our suite mates and didn’t give a crap? We would drink all night on one of those weekends and share secrets, fears, and call ourselves dumb asses… Chandelle honey, are you okay?” but there was no answer.

Cherish sat on the hospital bed next to Chandelle for about two hours gazing into her face, searching for signs, hoping she would just wake up, give her a tight hug and say“let’s go home Cherish; am feeling good now.” unfortunately, none of that happened. Another hour later, Cherish fell asleep.

“Hey, there may I come? I need to make sure that our little friend here is doing okay. There was no reply so Dr. Chinie went inside and tapped Cherish on the shoulder so she could wake up.
“Oh hey Doc, how are you? Do you mind checking to see if my friend is well.? She asked quietly. “Of course, that’s why am here for, have you eaten today miss?” He replied.

“No Dr. Shine I didn’t really want to eat anything right now. Am just worry about Delle.”
“Well, you got to move over a little so I can do some test on her.” He instructed her.

Cherish took five steps away from the patient’s bed and let the doctor do his job. But her eyes certainly widen up as he held one of Delle’s hands out with the palm facing upwards and the elbow slightly bent, places his index (first) and middle fingers on the inside of her wrist, and presses two fingers lightly on her skin as if to feel her pulse. “Hmm… um.” Then he stopped and began shaking his head sadly.

“What is it? Doc, what is it? Tell me the truth now. Please tell let me know. Oh, good lord. I just can’t imagine losing her now. You cannot do this to me now? Why?”

“I’m very sure that with God all will be well. But you got to keep her in prayers because as of this moment, she doesn’t seem to be reacting to any of the medicine or vaccinations.”

“Are you sure she will be alright doc?” She asks as tears stream down her cheeks. “Yes, but miss where are your parents? I require a medical history or some sort of information on your friend.”

I don’t really know, sir. I mean I never actually get to meet Delle’s parents and we didn’t have the time to deeply talk about them. Is there a problem sir? She continued on.

“Maybe. Just maybe child… hmm but don’t worry too much, we will do our best to help her live. Dr. Chinie reassured Cherish who is now sitting on the bare floor with her face buried in her palms as if to hide her tears from being seen by the doctor. “Keep an eye on your friend and please do notify me or other nurses nearby if anything.” He instructed.

“I won’t hesitate doc. Thanks a lot.”


“This is not over Cherish, I’m not done here. I will come back for you no matter where you go. Hahaha, okay you are one lucky girl for today.” Ryan began screaming angrily. You should be happy cause these idiots called cops are here to save your ass. But mark this day that Ryan will be back.” He continued while the cops drag him into the car.


“Sir you have to shut your mouth and sit in there quietly before I lose my patient.” One of the cops told Ryan as he slammed the door.


After arresting Ryan and throwing him into the car, one of the cops made his way to where Cherish was sitting while the other called the ambulance.


“So you are Cherish, am I right Miss?” at this point, she was shaking, and couldn’t control anything on her body. The whole situation from morning when she was talking to her best friend, and to when Chandelle got the letter until now. She has been thinking and crying her eyes out and having suicidal thoughts in her head. “I’m Sheriff Donald and I’m here to help you, so please work with me ma’am” Sheriff Donald disrupted.


“Is my friend okay? She is in the house, she got stabbed, I don’t know if she is gonna be okay. Can you help me please, please save my friend Chandelle, please Sir Donald? Cherish continued. She was wasted in tears and emotionally broken down.


“Alright Donald, the ambulance is on the way, is she the only person involved? Sheriff Juan asked. “Check in the house Juan, I believe the victim is in there. Juan rushes into the apartment as he was instructed and entered the living room which is full of Ryan’s destruction. “Damn, what the hell happen in here? This looks like two wild chicks were going off at each other, shit” he thought to himself. Sheriff Juan searched everywhere in the house but couldn’t find a trace of Chandelle. He was about to give up when he heard something moved. “Who’s there? I said who there?” he walks toward the light switch to turn on the light for a better view. When he did, there she was, lying helplessly on the floor with blood flowing everywhere. “Oh my lord, oh Jesus, larwdy, larwd. Poor little girl has been suffering all along. Sheriff Juan quickly moved toward Chandelle to help her up from the floor; but couldn’t do it all alone so he called up Sheriff Donald.


“Sheriff, I’m gonna need some help with this junk. This young lady is really hurt and needs medical attention as soon as possible.” Chandelle was taken to Collegeville Medical Emergency as the Sheriff recommended.


At the ER, Cherish was put on the side for some questioning.

“Okay Cherry, it is Cherry right?” Juan asked. “It is Cherish sir,” she corrected. “I’m sorry Cherish. So the reason you are here is because we want to help, I want to help you and your friend to be safe as soon as possible so I need to know a few things from you and please be honest. I’m not here to execute you or anything sweetie. Now do you understand?’

“Yes sir’ she answered with fear in her eyes.


“Good, good, that’s great. So what happened Cherish? Why are you guys involved in this messed up event?


“Sir, I really don’t know, I really don’t know.”


“Oh God, help this child answer my questions because I don’t have all night. Sheriff Juan complained.


You see, Sheriff J. is one of those cops who care about people but cannot stand emotional ass chicks. He is a very caring man who has a family of his own; a daughter who is about the age of twenty but still cry like a baby and two troublesome boys who put him through hell every single day. So now, he doesn’t have patient for another crying chicks.


“Sighhhhhhhh…Breath in, breath out, inhale, exhale. C’mon do it with me Cherish because this man right here, right next to you does not have any patience and he had a long day and wish to be at home right now relaxing.” He instructed.


“So are you ready now to answer my questions?”


“Yes sir.”


“Okay good, good, good am listening.” he said impatiently.

“It all started when Chandelle and I were supposed to go out to eat. But I refused to leave the house because I was having doubts. I warned her not to but she didn’t listen and ended up going alone. Later that day, I received a letter which I thought was from her secret admirer and handed to her when she got back. She seemed angry and frustrated. Bu…but… Cherish couldn’t control herself because she was still in shock.


“But what?” the Sheriff asked irritably.


‘But when she read the letter, I heard nothing but a horrifying scream from her bedroom. I ran in there to ask what it was and if she was okay. She was literally in tears and began to tell me that our lives were in danger. I was confused and didn’t know what she talking about. But then, the letter was from Ryan, Damien’s best friend from college. He wanted revenge and we were the victim.”


“So why does he want revenge”? What was the reason? And who’s Damien?”


‘I believe Damien was Chandelle crush back in college. He was madly obsessed with her and stalked her day and night. She was really afraid and I guess we had to move to Collegeville and away from Damien. But he died and we have no idea how, or what killed him. And Ryan wanted revenge because he thinks Chandelle killed Damien.


“Sir, she didn’t do it, she did not kill anyone. Please help us be safe from him,” she begged. “It is ok child, he won’t find you or you guys anymore. As we are talking he’s in prison where his stupid ass belongs,” Sheriff Juan reassured Cherish.



Even though Cherish is reassured of her safety and the safety of her best friend, she was still having doubts and scared of the return of Ryan. She went back to dazing off and thinking about the whole incident all over again. “How can this happen to me, why must my life be in danger simply because a dead guy was once obsessed with Delle, are we really safe now? Would he come back for more? I wonder what’s happening to Delle , hope she didn’t get extremely hurt. I cannot afford to lose the only close person to my heart.”


“Cherish… ma’am…child.” He tried getting her attention but she was lost in thoughts.” hmm um, hello.” He yelled impatiently.


“Yes sir, sorry Sheriff. I’m just thinking about stuff. You know everything. Like why would someone wanna kill us after so many years of struggling and trying so hard to stay away from temptations,” Cherish responded quickly and nervously.


“Look here child, in this world, there will be so many things and so many people who would come after you or might desire something bad to happen to you. There are all kinds of people in this society; we got the psychotics, the gangster wannabes, and the ones who would secretly be in an obsessive love with you; until one day, just one day, they might want to clear you out of their path if you deny them their desires. So you see, we just have to be extra careful and watch our back as we walk late night in the darkness.” He advised Cherish.


Cherish got up and quickly hugged the Sheriff. “Thank you so much again for your help and concern. I really don’t know where or how we would have been right now if you guys never showed up on time.”


“No need for that, it’s my duty to attend to those in trouble. Just be more careful next time by the way, Delle is in room 32. Call me if anything. I will be on my way now. Good day.

“Bye now, good day,” Cherish said as she waved goodbye.





The weather was gloomy that afternoon, it was bright outside but the sun had vanished, the clouds took over and damn it started raining. What is all this about? Could it mean something bad or what!

“Cherish, where are the car keys? Don’t forget we have a date today with the girls. Oh man, I cannot wait to eat at the Chinese; it has been awhile since we went to Sweeten Eat It All.” Chandelle continued.

Look,” Cherish yelled. I’m not sure about this hanging out thing right now. I’m having doubts.”

Come on Cherish, stop playing with me girl and grab your keys. We need to start going; please don’t spoil the day for me sweetheart.”

Just go in the room and take the keys. And to make things clear, you will be going alone, I am not leaving this house this minutes or the next. I am not leaving the house at all.

Fine, fine I will go by myself. Thank you very much, you are extremely wonderful,” Chandelle said sarcastically. “You always have bad feelings or doubts when you are either broke or don’t want to go out. Bye miss I’M HAVING DOUBTS.”

Bye stubborn,” Cherish replied as Chandelle walked out.


Chandelle and Cherish are two best friends who have been living together since college. They both decided few years back to rent an apartment in a small town called Collegeville. They live in a two bedrooms apartment with a little kitchen decorated with white walls, a table that could fit four people, a refrigerator designed with pictures of both of them. There’s a stainless steel wooden floor and hanging lights in the middle of both the kitchen and the living room.

Chandelle went to the backyard where the car was located and tried to start it a few times but it refused to start. So she tried the fifth time and it finally started and she began driving to the Sweeten Eat It All, a Chinese restaurant located at the other side of Collegeville. At the restaurant, Chandelle grabbed a fortune cookie and read the message: your life is in danger, say nothing to anyone, you must leave town as soon as possible and make sure you do not return. Repeat: you must leave town immediately and don’t say nothing.

Wait what the hell is this; I must leave town immediately? What is that supposed to mean. And why should I leave without telling anyone and saying anything? Why is my life in danger? I have not for once offended anyone, murder anyone or picked a fight so why this? I think these Chinese people are trying to play me. So they want to ruin my day as well just like my friend Cherish.” Chandelle wonders to herself as she sits in the tiny wooden chair. No, no, no, and nooo…why am I even stressing about this stupid thing. It’s just a Chinese fortune cookie message,” she continued.

Ma’am are you alright? Excuse me miss are you okay and your food is served.” One of the Chinese workers interrupted her thoughts.” If am not mistaken, you order Cheng Du Chicken, fried rice, ginger beef, shrimp salad and chicken Lo Mein?

Yes I did” Chandelle responded with frustrations in her voice.

Okay that will be thirty dollars and ninety-two cents Ms.”


Chandelle tossed the money on the counter, grabbed the food and ran toward the sign that says: “Parking Permitted to Customers who are willing to buy Chinese ONLY” where she parked the car. She sat in there for about fifteen to twenty minutes thinking about the previous message. She wonders about what should be done. “Should I Run as far away from Collegeville or ignore the stupid message.”

You know what? I think I know exactly what to do. I am going back home where I belong and pretend none of this happened. I would be stupid to run out of my own town and go somewhere…God knows where. This is the worst day of my life. Rain, Cherish and this horrible message from a SO-CALLED fortune cookie,” Chandelle thought to herself.

After purchasing the Chinese food, and sitting in the car for awhile, Chandelle drove home as fast as she could, still terrified and confused about everything that has been going on in the last few hours. As soon as she got home, she ran straight into her bedroom and started crying. “OMG… oh God what am I going to do, if this is true. I don’t really know what’s going on anymore. Why would I be in danger without probable cause?”

Chandelle; girl where are you? I have been waiting for you since you left. Someone brought you a letter.” Cherish yelled from her room on the left side of the kitchen. “Well… but the thing is, I don’t know who it is from…uhmm I think it’s from an anonymous but I would bring it for you to find that out yourself. Delle…where are you? Are you okay, why you came in and didn’t even bother to say hello? Hope you are not still mad at me for dissing you earlier. You know I really didn’t want to go. But if you are still pissed, then I am sorry sweetheart. I promise I will go with you next time; matter of fact the next time we go, it’d be my treat.” Cherish continued on talking and questioning Chandelle.

Cherish I need you to do me a big favor for tonight, okay? Would you do it for me please, I’m begging you.’

What is the favor?”

I need you to shut up for once and stop asking me silly questions.” Delle screamed with anger as if she was going to pop out of her room and choke Cherish.

Okay fine I will leave you alone. But here is your letter or should I say your little note from your secret admirer.”

She threw the note under Delle’s wooden door and walked back to her room.

Delle took the letter from the under the door, opened it and read: “I will take my revenge.” I have not forgotten who you are and what you have caused me. “I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE SOON…In big printed letters and the bottom of the paper; It continues saying. “I will do anything in my power to take revenge on you and anyone close to your heart.”

After reading the note/letter, Chandelle fell on the floor and starts crying and screaming…“NOOOOO.”

What is it hun, why are you shedding tears. What is it Delle? …Talk to me. What did the letter say?”

Cherish I have no idea why someone wants a revenge on me and hurt anyone close to me. I am so scared. I don’t want anything to happen to me, you and to us.”


Cherish was terrified to hear those words coming out of Delle’s mouth. She was shocked till she couldn’t swallow her spit.

Wait…What? What are saying? Someone wants you dead and anyone close to you? No way… I don’t want to die Chandelle. Is this a joke? If it’s then stop okay because I am already tired of laughing.” Cherish was still scared, shocked, and confused but yet being sarcastic.

No Cherish. Stop being sarcastic, I know you are as scared and horrified as I am. Let me tell you something. Do you remember few years ago when we were juniors in college?”

Yes I remember. So what that got to do with everything that’s happening right now.”

Would you shut up and listen to me, Cherish. Anyways during college there was this guy who used to like me a lot…actually love me. He died a few years back before we moved to Collegeville. I believe this letter is from Ryan, his best friend. I heard that he got frustrated and became a drug addict and I guess he thinks I have something to do with his friend’s death. Now he wants revenge because he thinks I murdered his boy for stalking me even thought I didn’t wanted him.”

Oh no. OMG. But did you do it Delle. Did you murder his friend? So is that why we had to move to Collegeville in the first place. So what are we going to do now? What if he comes tomorrow? What if he comes tonight or the next few minutes,” Cherish falls on her kneels as tears flows down her eyes.

I am scared, she said.

God please help us, have mercy upon us. Chandelle please tell me the truth did you killed him. I promise I won’t be mad or leave you. We are best friends and we are supposed to tell each other everything.”

I didn’t do it. I did not kill anyone. I made us move to this town because I was scared Bestie. I didn’t want us to be in danger or be in anyone’s way. I am sorry for putting you through all this trouble. I didn’t mean to I swear, I wouldn’t want you to be hurt because I love you Cherish. You’re the only close person I have left; you are my best friend, my sister and my other half. Please forgive me for everything. I thought leaving and moving to this town would’ve been better but I guess it’s worse. I am so sorry.”

Well I guess we’re going to die right Delle? What option do we have left? You should have told me a long time ago. You never did; not once tell me about a guy loving you in college. All I heard from you was you had a crush and he’s crazy about you and the next thing I know he’s dead. Now we are supposed to pay for what we didn’t do.

I’m sorry please, I am sorry.”

It’s okay I forgive you. There’s nothing I can tell you now. It’s too late. But you are my sister and I love you too. If I have to die along with you, I will. But I don’t want to die. I forgive you sister. But all we need now is 911 to be on the dial.”

As soon Cherish got up to go get the phone from the living room, there was a knock on the back door. It was the lover’s best friend. He was knocking too hard, trying to break the backdoor.

Who’s there?” Cherish questioned with fear. “If you don’t leave I will call the cops. Get away from here or I will shoot you.” She tried to scare him off with threats but that didn’t work.

Umm Chandelle…Chandelle…Delle. There’s someone at the door call the cops right now…call.”

Before the two girls dialed the number, he broke into the house with no questions asked he grabbed onto Chandelle and stabbed her with the knife in his hand. He chopped her into her heart and then ran after Cherish to kill her as well. She was running so fast but fell on the muddy ground and found it hard to get back on her feet.

You think you can escape from here huh? So you can run your mouth and tell the cops. Where are the cops you were threatened to call upon me honey bun? Ohh wait, they are nowhere to be found.” The stranger blah on as he walked toward Cherish. “I will kill you like your friend killed my friend. I’m going to cut you into piece like a child’s cutting the paper with a scissor. You guys murdered my boy back in the days and now you pay for the debt.”

No please don’t kill me. I have nothing to do with the murder, I didn’t even know who your friend was and am sorry he was killed. And matter of fact my friend never killed him either. She didn’t have anything to do with the murder.” The stranger was about to stab Cherish when one of the police shot him on the arms. He fell on the ground and he was handcuffed and taken to prison for ten years.


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