Change of life: Stronger

I have been thinking about myself lately
I’ve been thinking and thinking about stuff
Thinking about me, friends, family, school, and my career
What I want out of this life and the year 2014
Naively, I never knew what I wanted and needed to be the woman
The independent lady, a girl I once was and used to be…
I was a tough girl that no one punks around
I was a strong girl who never love any creature deeply,
With all of her soul, heart and everything she got
But now, I am all of that girl.
I love hard, fall on my face, get beaten emotionally
Until I’m weak and can’t get back up
I fight for those I love and care about but sometimes I feel like am doing too much.
So today I’ve thought about a lot of things & I miss some part of the old me
That girl who used to be so strong, brave and hopeful and never shed a tear. That girl who’s only weapon was the Bible.
But you know what, things are about to change, life is about to move forward instead of the reversal
My life is flowing down by temptations, betrayals, liars, and thieves
And tonight I was in the shower when my heart was touched, when I realized what life is all about
I realized what I’m supposed to do to be that successful, beautiful and loving woman in the upcoming year.
But I’ve not once this week, this month, this year done anything to be that strong independent girl I was
Starting from tonight and this minute, I’m ready to move on, be strong, treat myself right, love myself more and put myself first!
Everyone else that I put before me didn’t appreciated this girl. well not exactly everyone; there are a few who cherished my love and kindness.
From now on am done with the fakes, the exes, the two faces. I’m moving on to better things and be a better person. I’m just saying “I can do better.”
I’m going to make life proud and make some good things out of it.
I’m going to work harder and work toward my future.
So am sorry to those who I won’t talk to anymore. “A hi and how are you is all am going to offer some of y’all. Happy new year and be blessed!

FutureActress 🙂