“This is not over Cherish, I’m not done here. I will come back for you no matter where you go. Hahaha, okay you are one lucky girl for today.” Ryan began screaming angrily. You should be happy cause these idiots called cops are here to save your ass. But mark this day that Ryan will be back.” He continued while the cops drag him into the car.


“Sir you have to shut your mouth and sit in there quietly before I lose my patient.” One of the cops told Ryan as he slammed the door.


After arresting Ryan and throwing him into the car, one of the cops made his way to where Cherish was sitting while the other called the ambulance.


“So you are Cherish, am I right Miss?” at this point, she was shaking, and couldn’t control anything on her body. The whole situation from morning when she was talking to her best friend, and to when Chandelle got the letter until now. She has been thinking and crying her eyes out and having suicidal thoughts in her head. “I’m Sheriff Donald and I’m here to help you, so please work with me ma’am” Sheriff Donald disrupted.


“Is my friend okay? She is in the house, she got stabbed, I don’t know if she is gonna be okay. Can you help me please, please save my friend Chandelle, please Sir Donald? Cherish continued. She was wasted in tears and emotionally broken down.


“Alright Donald, the ambulance is on the way, is she the only person involved? Sheriff Juan asked. “Check in the house Juan, I believe the victim is in there. Juan rushes into the apartment as he was instructed and entered the living room which is full of Ryan’s destruction. “Damn, what the hell happen in here? This looks like two wild chicks were going off at each other, shit” he thought to himself. Sheriff Juan searched everywhere in the house but couldn’t find a trace of Chandelle. He was about to give up when he heard something moved. “Who’s there? I said who there?” he walks toward the light switch to turn on the light for a better view. When he did, there she was, lying helplessly on the floor with blood flowing everywhere. “Oh my lord, oh Jesus, larwdy, larwd. Poor little girl has been suffering all along. Sheriff Juan quickly moved toward Chandelle to help her up from the floor; but couldn’t do it all alone so he called up Sheriff Donald.


“Sheriff, I’m gonna need some help with this junk. This young lady is really hurt and needs medical attention as soon as possible.” Chandelle was taken to Collegeville Medical Emergency as the Sheriff recommended.


At the ER, Cherish was put on the side for some questioning.

“Okay Cherry, it is Cherry right?” Juan asked. “It is Cherish sir,” she corrected. “I’m sorry Cherish. So the reason you are here is because we want to help, I want to help you and your friend to be safe as soon as possible so I need to know a few things from you and please be honest. I’m not here to execute you or anything sweetie. Now do you understand?’

“Yes sir’ she answered with fear in her eyes.


“Good, good, that’s great. So what happened Cherish? Why are you guys involved in this messed up event?


“Sir, I really don’t know, I really don’t know.”


“Oh God, help this child answer my questions because I don’t have all night. Sheriff Juan complained.


You see, Sheriff J. is one of those cops who care about people but cannot stand emotional ass chicks. He is a very caring man who has a family of his own; a daughter who is about the age of twenty but still cry like a baby and two troublesome boys who put him through hell every single day. So now, he doesn’t have patient for another crying chicks.


“Sighhhhhhhh…Breath in, breath out, inhale, exhale. C’mon do it with me Cherish because this man right here, right next to you does not have any patience and he had a long day and wish to be at home right now relaxing.” He instructed.


“So are you ready now to answer my questions?”


“Yes sir.”


“Okay good, good, good am listening.” he said impatiently.

“It all started when Chandelle and I were supposed to go out to eat. But I refused to leave the house because I was having doubts. I warned her not to but she didn’t listen and ended up going alone. Later that day, I received a letter which I thought was from her secret admirer and handed to her when she got back. She seemed angry and frustrated. Bu…but… Cherish couldn’t control herself because she was still in shock.


“But what?” the Sheriff asked irritably.


‘But when she read the letter, I heard nothing but a horrifying scream from her bedroom. I ran in there to ask what it was and if she was okay. She was literally in tears and began to tell me that our lives were in danger. I was confused and didn’t know what she talking about. But then, the letter was from Ryan, Damien’s best friend from college. He wanted revenge and we were the victim.”


“So why does he want revenge”? What was the reason? And who’s Damien?”


‘I believe Damien was Chandelle crush back in college. He was madly obsessed with her and stalked her day and night. She was really afraid and I guess we had to move to Collegeville and away from Damien. But he died and we have no idea how, or what killed him. And Ryan wanted revenge because he thinks Chandelle killed Damien.


“Sir, she didn’t do it, she did not kill anyone. Please help us be safe from him,” she begged. “It is ok child, he won’t find you or you guys anymore. As we are talking he’s in prison where his stupid ass belongs,” Sheriff Juan reassured Cherish.



Even though Cherish is reassured of her safety and the safety of her best friend, she was still having doubts and scared of the return of Ryan. She went back to dazing off and thinking about the whole incident all over again. “How can this happen to me, why must my life be in danger simply because a dead guy was once obsessed with Delle, are we really safe now? Would he come back for more? I wonder what’s happening to Delle , hope she didn’t get extremely hurt. I cannot afford to lose the only close person to my heart.”


“Cherish… ma’am…child.” He tried getting her attention but she was lost in thoughts.” hmm um, hello.” He yelled impatiently.


“Yes sir, sorry Sheriff. I’m just thinking about stuff. You know everything. Like why would someone wanna kill us after so many years of struggling and trying so hard to stay away from temptations,” Cherish responded quickly and nervously.


“Look here child, in this world, there will be so many things and so many people who would come after you or might desire something bad to happen to you. There are all kinds of people in this society; we got the psychotics, the gangster wannabes, and the ones who would secretly be in an obsessive love with you; until one day, just one day, they might want to clear you out of their path if you deny them their desires. So you see, we just have to be extra careful and watch our back as we walk late night in the darkness.” He advised Cherish.


Cherish got up and quickly hugged the Sheriff. “Thank you so much again for your help and concern. I really don’t know where or how we would have been right now if you guys never showed up on time.”


“No need for that, it’s my duty to attend to those in trouble. Just be more careful next time by the way, Delle is in room 32. Call me if anything. I will be on my way now. Good day.

“Bye now, good day,” Cherish said as she waved goodbye.