Mama Africa (Culture Shock Pt 2)

So what comes to your Mind when you
think about URI SAWA, The Student Org?

When I think about the Student Alliance for the Welfare of Africa (SAWA),
I think about placing our continent under a positive light for all who study at URI and the community. We do this by letting our voices to be heard, we portray our voices through different type of events to help people understand our culture.
When I think about SAWA, I think of inspiring a tender compassion within everyone towards the issues affecting the continent and her people.

All my life, I have heard so many negativities about Africa. The news is always teeming with bad things about this continent; that Africa is wrought with civil wars, Africa is riven with racism, it’s a breeding ground for exotic tropical diseases, famine, corruption,
and most of all, major African cities are crime ridden.

Do they realize that Africa is not all about crime, poverty, and hunger?
They never mention how Africa has a richness of culture and a geographical beauty!

Africa, most people call this place a country
I simply look upon them all then laugh due to their ignorance and folly

Don’t you know that the beauty in Africa is the beauty in the world?
No other place can ever be compared to this nature
Because no one has the authority to put a queen & surveillance in the same cage
For they are far beyond compare

Please do have a seat and I will tell you what you are missing on
Africa, a continent where every beautiful creatures visit and they are content
The mother of all nations
Don’t tell me you do not know yourself
Don’t tell me you have no idea where your ancestors and parents are originally from

Africa is the world’s second largest continent; known for its beautiful, colorful clothing and its history of incredible works of art.
Our mother is blessed with many natural wonders and amazing tourist destinations of which the Lake Victoria is one of them.
She forms the largest lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake in the world

Africa is my everything
Africa is my nurturer; she fed me when there is/was nothing to hold me down
She is the main reason I am here, that you’re here and we are all here today
She is the habitation of the human species;
This is why we always run back into her arms when in need of survival.

They portray Africa as the place
Of the poor, the villages and uncivilized surveillants

They say we walk and talk with the animals
That we have no type of resources or political science
But have you think twice about this continent?
That Mama Africa is the place of the kings, Queens, princes and princesses?

Maybe not, maybe you have not heard so much extraordinary things about Africa
But have you heard that Africa is our one and only mother…?
The mother of all nature?
The mother who puts her life on the line for us?
Instead of you being on the social networks gossiping,
Whispering and giggling about the negativities you’ve learned
On the television, why not try being a detective for a while and investigate
Maybe, just maybe you’ll gather all the significance information you need to know about your mama, Mama Africa.
That she is full of countries and cities that are surrounded by lights
Shining bright as the stars at night!

Why listen to the media,
When we can just allow our intuition guide us?

Africa (Mother Nature), has always been there to find solutions
to all our implications
And made us happy when we were/are sad
But gazing at the world at this moment, we might need more than motivation
We might need medication combined with inspiration!
I don’t know about you, but I love Mama Africa