The Revenge: The Stranger Within

Chapter 5



“Cherish, Cherish Williams, where are you?” Chandelle called.

“I have been in my room ever since you were on that phone. So who was it? Seems like you knew the person because you guys talked about twenty minutes. You wanna share? Cherish asked impatiently.

“The only way I’m gonna discuss anything right now is…….. Hmm… You know what, never mind.”

“Are you gonna talk or not. Like I told you earlier on tonight, I don’t want to talk about anything. If you are so serious about hearing nonsense from someone, it’s not going to be me. It’s definitely not gonna be me. Do you understand every word that’s coming out of my mouth, Chandelle Nelson?”

“I don’t still understand why you are jumping and yelling. Delle responded calmly. I mean, am right here, am sure I will be able to hear you clearly when you speak lower than you are right now. It has not gotten to us being sentimental about the simplest things like talking about ourselves.” She explained.

You don’t have to share if you can’t. I’m off to bed.” Cherish said as she walks pass Delle to go to her room.

“Good then, Cherish M. Williams. Goodnight. You wanna sleep, hell go on and sleep. I don’t care anymore either. Whether you want to talk or not.” For the first time, Delle angrily yells back at Cherish.

When Cherish heard Delle calling her by her last name, she pauses consciously and began walking back to the living room, where Delle is now sitting in one of the wooden rocking chairs near the fireplace.

“What did you call me? She asked shockingly.

“I said goodnight Cherish Williams, yeah, I said it. What huh, what, you gonna deny it now? Isn’t that your real last name? All these years; you have always lied to me about your family. I thought I was your family, your only one.

Cherish was shaking at this point, she became anxious as if to shut Delle up. “Now wait on, hold on Delle, you are going too far with this. I don’t know where you get your information from. If you wanna argue with me, why not say it without you dissing me. Am sick of this.”

Delle crossed her arms, looking at Cherish expectantly as she changed her seat. “Well, if you are sick of this, then why ask me to share, Ms. Williams. “

“We need to talk. I want us to have this talk and get over with it. So, why did you call me by Williams? Who told you about that name Delle?

“Well, what about you start telling me about the real you first,” Delle demanded.
Because the last time I check, strange people start calling our house number, and saying that they were calling for Cherish Williams. When I redialed the number earlier on today, a lady answered the phone; and without really knowing whom she was speaking with, she decided to open her mouth. She said some things about you running off to college and never returning home; how your parents love you so much and never ceased to worry about your whereabouts. She continued.

“I don’t believe that. I don’t think she was referring to me Delle. Cherish said frighteningly.

“Oh, so you think am stupid or something? What you take me for? Delle asked clamorously.

“C’mon sis… You know we can discuss this situation without us yelling over each other. Fine, I’m ready to open up to you. Cherish said.

“I know I’m giving you headaches, but you know that’s why our best friends. Come over here and have a seat so we can talk. We will talk about everything, no lying. Just honesty.” She continued calmly.

Cherish became very calm after being yelled at by Delle.

“Hey, come here, sit next to me. Let’s talk. Delle invited Cherish as she opens her arms as if a mother is calling for her child.

Cherish quickly moved to where her friend was sitting, on the rocking chair.

“Delle, so you really wanna do this? Cherish asked. ‘I mean, I thought you knew me enough to believe one retards you spoke with on the phone? Do you wanna question my honesty and my characteristics right now? Are you freaking serious? The questions kept dripping from cherish mouth back to back.

At this point, Delle was wearied out. “Look hon, you don’t have to do this. We do not have to do this. I’m not gonna force you to talk to me. We can definitely leave things as they are. Am tired. Am seriously tired. You are not a child for me to keep pushing and nurturing. I can only do the best I can. So it’s either we talk today or never.”

“Fine, fine, God dammit.” Cherish yelled as she pushed Delle over to sit. We can introduce ourselves like we just met. Let’s start over again. Let’s go back to the ole days, where we first met in college. Would you? She asked

“Well, yeah, duh, I would if I were you. We just met, now tell me about yourself. Delle suggested.

“My name is Cherish, Cherish M. Williams; daughter of Crystal and Jean Williams. You know, I was the only child of my mother. She always loved me and supposedly provided me with everything I needed and desired. We were not considered billionaires, but my parents had so much money to waste.”

“Wow, so you a daughter of a rich family, huh? Delle interrupted.

“Would you shut up and let me talk? She demanded.

“Fine, go ahead. Delle said.

“Thank you. Anyways, where was I? Cherish asked.

“You were talking about y’all wasting money. You said your parents were rich and had nowhere to spend the money, but waste it on your black ass. Aha.. am just playing girl. Please continue.

“Shut up. Well, like I was saying, being the only child for a mother is sometimes intimidating. She would want you to be the best in everything you do. She wanted me to do this, that, those, these, and blah blah, blah. Cherish was nervous at this point.

“What the hell eh. What are you saying with the these, those, this, that, the blah, blah? Can you speak English. I mean tell me in details, isn’t it why we are talking? Delle complained.

“Ah.. Sigh.. Dammit Delle, you’re so annoying sometimes. What I meant is that my mother always wanted me to get good grades, read five books a month, go to the library on the weekends instead of partying and hanging out in the street. She had so many rules to comprehend.

“And that was too hard for you? Delle asked confusingly.

“Well, yes it was. I had freedom, but not the kind of freedom I desired.?

“So, what’s your definition of being a free child?

“Ugh Delle. I could just choke you right now with your silly questions. Cherish shook her head as she bit her lips tightly. “Don’t act like you do not understand my kind views on freedom. I mean from the last time I checked, you had more than freedom as a youth. Your ass went everywhere and hung out with whomever you wanted, if I could remember correctly.”

“Yeah, whatever. At least you were rich. Anyways, please educate me more on your freedom. Delle joked.

“My parents never gave me that freedom. Like going out to clubs, the movies with my boys and opening up my own account.

“How old were you, to own an account and go out with some dumb boys by yourself? Weren’t you like six? Delle interrupted once more while laughing.

“No..I was not six, you idiot. I was sixteen. Old enough to have my personal money and hang out with my guys. Cherish yelled defensively.

“I felt like my mother was too strict and my dad didn’t care. He always gave me seventy dollars for allowances and when I asked for more, he would say, “honey, I’m saying up for your college bills. I don’t want you to pay for loans and other expanse.” Cherish exclaimed. So then I would lie to my mom that am broke, and she would give me another sixty-five. I had to about hundred and five dollars for two weekends.

“Wait, you were mad about that? You were sixteen, had that much money for two weeks and you’re telling me you dislike that? When I was sixteen, the only thing I could afford was a ninety-nine cent product.” Delle interrupted frustratingly. Anyways, why didn’t you return, what are your reasons for running off? Cherish Richie. You know what, from now on I will call you Ms. Richie cause you are rich. Delle continued, still being silly.

“My parents helped me apply to colleges and during move in day, my mother and my nanny took me to my dorm. They were really helpful and bought everything I needed for that semester. To make a long story short, she still treated me like a child. She wanted me to do the things I used to do when I was at home; No partying, hanging with friends on a daily basis, clubbing and the wild college fun stuff. The only difference was, she opened my personal account loaded with lots of money. Like what’s the point of being good in college and sticking my head in the books when am rich. They had the money so why torture me. Eventually, I stopped going home for the weekends, ceased from calling my mother twice a day like she recommended. And by the time I realized things, it was already in the middle of the semester. I felt like I didn’t need my parents because I got everything I want… Money and popularity.

“Wow, wow, am impressed. I’m extremely impressed with your phenomenal story. Delle said sarcastically.

“What’s so funny. You never serious. Never ever serious with nothing. That’s exactly what made you more annoying back in the days. I don’t know how I put with your gusty ass back in college. Stupid idiot. Look at your silly self. Cherish responded jokingly.

“Remember how we met? Delle asked. Yeah, it was funny. Funny story. Funny friendship, but in a good way. We met in the dining hall. She answered herself.

“Of course I remember. You were so looking around like you were lost. Aha… You had no one to sit with. I was walking with my girls and I felt bad, so I called you up. Cherish said. “Damn girl, you were a loner. She laughed.

“First of all, I was not a loner. I had friends. A lot of good friends, when you met me in the dining hall, it was a bad day for me and decided to be alone. And the only reason I went to sit to with you and your stupid, ratchet friends was because you were nice to me. Delle defended herself.

“Okay Chandelle Nelson, you plead has been accepted. Is there anything else you want me to tell you?

“Well, yes… so what happened to your parents do you know? I mean, don’t get me wrong, but it has been a long time since you saw your parents and you’ve never once mention them to me. Don’t you miss them, Cherish?

“I have told you all you need to know right now. So keep it that way. I told you everything you need to know and the rest, is my problem and not yours. What you don’t know what hurt you? Cherish explained angrily. By the way, I know everything about you, but I forgot about what you told me about your parents. What did you say happened to them again? She asked.

“I told a long time ago what had happened to my parents and the rest of my family. I hate talking about it because it reminds me of things I despise to remember. I detest my past and everything in it. Delle exclaimed as tears stream down her chin.

“Am sorry Delle, I don’t mean any harm. Those tears… I-I, hmm, didn’t mean to bring them back. Cherish said apologetically.

“It’s fine. I will tell you again if you wanna be reminded. My mother was a wonderful woman. She gave me everything I needed, but not what I wanted. She was a middle school teacher and didn’t make that much. And my dad was never around. She basically took care of me and my little sister all alone. She told me and sister that life took him away. And asked us not to ever mention him again. Years after I moved to college, she got sick and died from cancel. Delle explained.

So what happened to your sister?

“She was taken away. My aunt took her in. Since then, I have not seen my sister. Sometimes I wish life could bring back my daddy. It has been hard since I lost my mother and little sister. After telling this sad story, She busted out crying.

“Oh, am so, so sorry honey. Come here, hug me Delle. Let me hold you sis.” Cherish opened her arms wide and received Delle into her arms as she wiped the tears in her eyes.

“I love you Cherish Williams” Delle smiled lightly.

“I love you too, honey.” Cherish said as she hugged Delle


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