The Revenge: Close to Home

Chapter four

9 AM

It has been three straight weeks since Chandelle was admitted to Collegeville Emergency and it has been quite tiring for Cherish; not being to able eat, sleep, and rested well. She went out to get some McDonald’s a few hours ago, hoping that when she comes back, there would be a good news about her best friend’s condition. The hospital was really quiet and peaceful to the point that she got lost in the silence.

But after a few moments, her phone began to ring. Sigh dammit whose calling now. “Hello. Oh, hello, who’s this? Whom am I speaking with? “Oh yes, this is Cherish… Thank God… Oh my goodness am so excited… Am so happy…….. Praise the lord I get to finally go home. Okay, thanks doc. I will do just that. Alright, sure I will wait for you before packing up. Thanks once again.” It was Doctor Chinie on the phone wanting to tell her about Delle’s condition.


“Cherish… Cherry?”… It was the voice of Delle. “Oh, my God, you are finally awake, the medication is really working now. Am so happy Delle. Lord, you can’t even imagine how much I miss you. I have been crying my eyes out.

“But why Cherish? Why have you been crying, it’s not like I die or something. As you can see I’m fine now so lets go on home and spend some quality time together.” Said Delle. “Okay, that is alright with me. Give me a few seconds so I could confide in Doctor Chinie. He wanted me to let him know if you were awake before packing our belongings. I will be right back. Am going to call him now.” Cherish assured Delle. “Sure, but be quick cause am really hungry girl, Delle reminds her friend as she rushed out to get the doc.

Cherish rapidly ran out of the room to get the doctor. At this point, she was over excited about her best friend’s recovery. It was time to finally go home and get out of this smelly hospital. “La, la la la, yea, she began to sing a happy song but stopped when she reached Dr. Chinie’s office. “Knock, knock, Mr. Chinie may I come in please?

“Oh yes of course; is everything okay? He asked.

“Uh huh, I-I hmm… wanted to let you know that we will be leaving soon. Chandelle is well now.
Dr. Chinie smiled as he packed some information he collected for Delle. “Well, well isn’t that a great news miss Cherry. Ha.. hmm, I meant Cherish. Anyways, before we head out, I need to tell you to be very patient with Delle. She feels better now, but you see, the cut in her might have some effects on her behavior for a while. Do you understand me?”

“My God. What do you mean doc?”
“What I meant is that you need to take good care of her for the next three weeks or so. Be patient with her. Okay?

“Alright I will doc. I promise. See you later and thank you for everything,” Cherish said gratefully.

“Later sweetheart. Take care.”


6:45 PM

Cherish gathered the information which was laying down on Dr. Chinie’s desk, open the door, and began walking towards room 32. “Oh, Delle hun it is time to go home.” She yelled.

The two best friends gather their things and took the cab home; the home that was destroyed by Ryan, the avenger.

“Okay ladies, where are we heading to?” the driver asked politely as he stretches his head to make eye contact with Delle; who was sitting in the back seat next to Cherish.

“We are going home. The address is 46 North road.” Cherish replied as she pulled Delle closer to her.
“Sweet. We should get there in less than 20 minutes. Is your friend okay? Just wondering.” The driver was trying to interact.
“Ah, yeah…hmm, she’s fine. I guess she’s just a little tired. Cherish replied.

“Ohhh, look, look Cherish we’re home, we’re home. Delle’s eyes widen as they approached their address. We are freaking home. Home, sweet home.” She exclaimed excitedly.

“This is it ladies, we are here. Hold on, let me help you get your belongings out of the trunk.” The driver who was 5’5 picks up their things and carries them on their doorstep.

“You see Cherish, am not sure, but a few hours ago, a gentle breeze rustled through the flowers that stood gallantly on the porch. The open air, so rare and fleeting in the streets, smelled of orange blossoms and freshly baked apple pie. Or maybe that was my imagination. Either way, I wished I could pack up the fragrance and bring it along with us. I really do cause this place does not smell, feel or look like the one I wish to be in anymore.”Delle said sadly.

“I know how you mean Delle. Look at this place, half of the glass on the table are broken, and damn look the kitchen and the door. How come we didn’t notice it when we walked in. There’s a big hole right in the middle of it.
“Anyways, I should make something so we can eat. Is that okay with miss Delle?”
“Sure, am hungry as hell Cherry. Delle answered emphasizing the words.

“Why you trying to sound like a dude silly willy, Delly.
“Hahaha, very funny. Who are you calling willy Delly? Cherry fruity. Delle responded jokingly.

“I miss those days when we used to call each other silly names. I really do. Don’t you miss those memories, fruity cherry?

Yeah of course I do, but things have not changed yet sweetie. You know it’s just life. Things happen to people all the time, you get attack by strangers and people we involve with. We just gotta learn how to move forward from our pasts. And you know what happened last month with that creep is part of the past. So let’s focus on our future and life live. Do you understand what am saying Delle?

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever you say mother.” Delle declaimed sarcastically.

“Pardon me? Cherish was confused of Delle’s respond to everything she has just told her. “Are you okay? I mean, did I say anything wrong?”

Delle ignored Cherish’s questions and instead she declared for them to talk about life and their family background. I think we should talk about deep stuff. Like our parents and what had happened to them. Like why aren’t your parents ever around? I mean I have never seen neither talk about them. What happen to your mommy and daddy Cherish?”

“Look Delle, am not ready for all this talk right now. I can’t deal with this. I won’t sit here and talk about people who are irrelevant to me and my life. I have learned to live with or without them. Why didn’t you ask me before, but all of a certain you wanna talk about my God damn parents. Why you so concern now, huh?”

“Am freaking concern cause I wanna know okay. Why is that hard for you huh. How do you feel living with someone and having no idea who their parents are and what happen to them?

All of a certain, Cherish blood started boiling, “Well, don’t be concerned anymore Delle. It is not by force to know about them. We always been doing just fine without my parents or yours so why bring them up now sweetie. You don’t need to know, and that’s that.”

Delle became extremely hurt hearing these words pouring out of her best friend’s mouth. Yeah, you are right, I don’t need to know. It’s fine. It’s really fine. I get it.

……..I umm…I…I’m really sorry, I don’t mean to scream at you or anything.

“That’s okay. As of now, I wanna eat so we are done talking about this for now. Delle said sorrowfully as tears stream down her eyes.

There was a long, awkward silence when the shrill scream of the telephone cut the silence like a runaway train heading for a broken bridge, wheels shrieking on a twisted metal rails. Cherish jumped and crosses to answer the house phone which was located next to the dining table as it continues ringing.

“Cherish Williams speaking, how may I assist you?…………………hello, hmm hello, is anyone on the line? Who the hell is calling and cannot answer back? Damn you then. Idiot.” After a long pause, she threw the phone back on the holder.

“Who was it sweetie? Is everything alright?” Delle asked worriedly.
“It’s nothing, just some idiots calling people’s house and hanging up. I think they must be bored. I don’t have time for this right now. Cherish replied angrily.

She was just about to go to the living room when the telephone started ringing once again. She glares at it for a moment; deciding whether to ignore it or answer it. Before she could decide, the phone stopped ringing. “Oh, thanks goodness.” she exclaimed.

Unfortunately, the sound of the ring started for the third times. She picks it up and there was a traditional song “Long John”, sounding like something electronic. She listened to it for about two minutes and hung up.

“Okay am tired,” She complained. Whoever calls this line again will be cursed out.”

“Maybe it’s a long distance call. Am sure the call must be really important for them to keep calling back. Allow me to redial the number. Delle grabs the phone and redialed the number. After the fifth rang, a lady voice appeared on the line.

“The Williams’ resident, where are you calling from and how may I be of help to you?” ah….ah..ahhhh. di..did you say the Williams’ resident?” Delle’s mouth drops open and became very anxious. Well, someone called my line a few times but they refused to say a word.”

“I was calling for Cherish Williams. The daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Williams.
Delle glanced around the dining quick to make sure Cherish has gone to her room.

“I think I can be of help, you can talk to me.
“But who am I speaking with?” the lady asked curiously.

“This is Dell………this is Cherish, ma’am.” She was about to say her name but changed her mind and identify herself as Cherish.

“Oh my God, my God, Cherish. My God. Baby why? Why all these years. You went on to college and never for once came back home? We have always been kind to you. But then you vanished from your parents’ lives just because you hated them. They were really nice to you baby. Your parents loved you unconditionally. They never stopped talking about you. But I’m sorry to tell you that they are no more. Goodbye. Talking about them sadden my heart.“

“Wait, Wait’ don’t hang up I want to know what happen to them please.” Delle yelled through the phone. “You know what happened to them. You should ask yourself Cherish M. Williams. Goodbye.” The lady hung up before Delle could say another word.



The weather was gloomy that afternoon, it was bright outside but the sun had vanished, the clouds took over and damn it started raining. What is all this about? Could it mean something bad or what!

“Cherish, where are the car keys? Don’t forget we have a date today with the girls. Oh man, I cannot wait to eat at the Chinese; it has been awhile since we went to Sweeten Eat It All.” Chandelle continued.

Look,” Cherish yelled. I’m not sure about this hanging out thing right now. I’m having doubts.”

Come on Cherish, stop playing with me girl and grab your keys. We need to start going; please don’t spoil the day for me sweetheart.”

Just go in the room and take the keys. And to make things clear, you will be going alone, I am not leaving this house this minutes or the next. I am not leaving the house at all.

Fine, fine I will go by myself. Thank you very much, you are extremely wonderful,” Chandelle said sarcastically. “You always have bad feelings or doubts when you are either broke or don’t want to go out. Bye miss I’M HAVING DOUBTS.”

Bye stubborn,” Cherish replied as Chandelle walked out.


Chandelle and Cherish are two best friends who have been living together since college. They both decided few years back to rent an apartment in a small town called Collegeville. They live in a two bedrooms apartment with a little kitchen decorated with white walls, a table that could fit four people, a refrigerator designed with pictures of both of them. There’s a stainless steel wooden floor and hanging lights in the middle of both the kitchen and the living room.

Chandelle went to the backyard where the car was located and tried to start it a few times but it refused to start. So she tried the fifth time and it finally started and she began driving to the Sweeten Eat It All, a Chinese restaurant located at the other side of Collegeville. At the restaurant, Chandelle grabbed a fortune cookie and read the message: your life is in danger, say nothing to anyone, you must leave town as soon as possible and make sure you do not return. Repeat: you must leave town immediately and don’t say nothing.

Wait what the hell is this; I must leave town immediately? What is that supposed to mean. And why should I leave without telling anyone and saying anything? Why is my life in danger? I have not for once offended anyone, murder anyone or picked a fight so why this? I think these Chinese people are trying to play me. So they want to ruin my day as well just like my friend Cherish.” Chandelle wonders to herself as she sits in the tiny wooden chair. No, no, no, and nooo…why am I even stressing about this stupid thing. It’s just a Chinese fortune cookie message,” she continued.

Ma’am are you alright? Excuse me miss are you okay and your food is served.” One of the Chinese workers interrupted her thoughts.” If am not mistaken, you order Cheng Du Chicken, fried rice, ginger beef, shrimp salad and chicken Lo Mein?

Yes I did” Chandelle responded with frustrations in her voice.

Okay that will be thirty dollars and ninety-two cents Ms.”


Chandelle tossed the money on the counter, grabbed the food and ran toward the sign that says: “Parking Permitted to Customers who are willing to buy Chinese ONLY” where she parked the car. She sat in there for about fifteen to twenty minutes thinking about the previous message. She wonders about what should be done. “Should I Run as far away from Collegeville or ignore the stupid message.”

You know what? I think I know exactly what to do. I am going back home where I belong and pretend none of this happened. I would be stupid to run out of my own town and go somewhere…God knows where. This is the worst day of my life. Rain, Cherish and this horrible message from a SO-CALLED fortune cookie,” Chandelle thought to herself.

After purchasing the Chinese food, and sitting in the car for awhile, Chandelle drove home as fast as she could, still terrified and confused about everything that has been going on in the last few hours. As soon as she got home, she ran straight into her bedroom and started crying. “OMG… oh God what am I going to do, if this is true. I don’t really know what’s going on anymore. Why would I be in danger without probable cause?”

Chandelle; girl where are you? I have been waiting for you since you left. Someone brought you a letter.” Cherish yelled from her room on the left side of the kitchen. “Well… but the thing is, I don’t know who it is from…uhmm I think it’s from an anonymous but I would bring it for you to find that out yourself. Delle…where are you? Are you okay, why you came in and didn’t even bother to say hello? Hope you are not still mad at me for dissing you earlier. You know I really didn’t want to go. But if you are still pissed, then I am sorry sweetheart. I promise I will go with you next time; matter of fact the next time we go, it’d be my treat.” Cherish continued on talking and questioning Chandelle.

Cherish I need you to do me a big favor for tonight, okay? Would you do it for me please, I’m begging you.’

What is the favor?”

I need you to shut up for once and stop asking me silly questions.” Delle screamed with anger as if she was going to pop out of her room and choke Cherish.

Okay fine I will leave you alone. But here is your letter or should I say your little note from your secret admirer.”

She threw the note under Delle’s wooden door and walked back to her room.

Delle took the letter from the under the door, opened it and read: “I will take my revenge.” I have not forgotten who you are and what you have caused me. “I WILL TAKE MY REVENGE SOON…In big printed letters and the bottom of the paper; It continues saying. “I will do anything in my power to take revenge on you and anyone close to your heart.”

After reading the note/letter, Chandelle fell on the floor and starts crying and screaming…“NOOOOO.”

What is it hun, why are you shedding tears. What is it Delle? …Talk to me. What did the letter say?”

Cherish I have no idea why someone wants a revenge on me and hurt anyone close to me. I am so scared. I don’t want anything to happen to me, you and to us.”


Cherish was terrified to hear those words coming out of Delle’s mouth. She was shocked till she couldn’t swallow her spit.

Wait…What? What are saying? Someone wants you dead and anyone close to you? No way… I don’t want to die Chandelle. Is this a joke? If it’s then stop okay because I am already tired of laughing.” Cherish was still scared, shocked, and confused but yet being sarcastic.

No Cherish. Stop being sarcastic, I know you are as scared and horrified as I am. Let me tell you something. Do you remember few years ago when we were juniors in college?”

Yes I remember. So what that got to do with everything that’s happening right now.”

Would you shut up and listen to me, Cherish. Anyways during college there was this guy who used to like me a lot…actually love me. He died a few years back before we moved to Collegeville. I believe this letter is from Ryan, his best friend. I heard that he got frustrated and became a drug addict and I guess he thinks I have something to do with his friend’s death. Now he wants revenge because he thinks I murdered his boy for stalking me even thought I didn’t wanted him.”

Oh no. OMG. But did you do it Delle. Did you murder his friend? So is that why we had to move to Collegeville in the first place. So what are we going to do now? What if he comes tomorrow? What if he comes tonight or the next few minutes,” Cherish falls on her kneels as tears flows down her eyes.

I am scared, she said.

God please help us, have mercy upon us. Chandelle please tell me the truth did you killed him. I promise I won’t be mad or leave you. We are best friends and we are supposed to tell each other everything.”

I didn’t do it. I did not kill anyone. I made us move to this town because I was scared Bestie. I didn’t want us to be in danger or be in anyone’s way. I am sorry for putting you through all this trouble. I didn’t mean to I swear, I wouldn’t want you to be hurt because I love you Cherish. You’re the only close person I have left; you are my best friend, my sister and my other half. Please forgive me for everything. I thought leaving and moving to this town would’ve been better but I guess it’s worse. I am so sorry.”

Well I guess we’re going to die right Delle? What option do we have left? You should have told me a long time ago. You never did; not once tell me about a guy loving you in college. All I heard from you was you had a crush and he’s crazy about you and the next thing I know he’s dead. Now we are supposed to pay for what we didn’t do.

I’m sorry please, I am sorry.”

It’s okay I forgive you. There’s nothing I can tell you now. It’s too late. But you are my sister and I love you too. If I have to die along with you, I will. But I don’t want to die. I forgive you sister. But all we need now is 911 to be on the dial.”

As soon Cherish got up to go get the phone from the living room, there was a knock on the back door. It was the lover’s best friend. He was knocking too hard, trying to break the backdoor.

Who’s there?” Cherish questioned with fear. “If you don’t leave I will call the cops. Get away from here or I will shoot you.” She tried to scare him off with threats but that didn’t work.

Umm Chandelle…Chandelle…Delle. There’s someone at the door call the cops right now…call.”

Before the two girls dialed the number, he broke into the house with no questions asked he grabbed onto Chandelle and stabbed her with the knife in his hand. He chopped her into her heart and then ran after Cherish to kill her as well. She was running so fast but fell on the muddy ground and found it hard to get back on her feet.

You think you can escape from here huh? So you can run your mouth and tell the cops. Where are the cops you were threatened to call upon me honey bun? Ohh wait, they are nowhere to be found.” The stranger blah on as he walked toward Cherish. “I will kill you like your friend killed my friend. I’m going to cut you into piece like a child’s cutting the paper with a scissor. You guys murdered my boy back in the days and now you pay for the debt.”

No please don’t kill me. I have nothing to do with the murder, I didn’t even know who your friend was and am sorry he was killed. And matter of fact my friend never killed him either. She didn’t have anything to do with the murder.” The stranger was about to stab Cherish when one of the police shot him on the arms. He fell on the ground and he was handcuffed and taken to prison for ten years.


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