Sometimes people tell me that I don’t share!!

They say am secretive cause I don’t open up I talk too much but leave the important ones unspoken They want me open up my suitcase and unleash my glasses But I don’t feel like its the right thing to do because that’s the idea of bringing my glasses closer to destruction. Opening that bag is no problem but am afraid those glasses would fall out and break because they are fragile.One thing I’m sure of these people: they would not help fix my broken glasses after they have become broken.That’s all they wanted in the first place. It’s the same with telling someone or people your problem.They would be interested and concerned just to hear your sad little stories .But what solution would they be able to offer after hearing? Absolutely none.They will either pretend to care and sympathize with you pretentiously and then walk away with your problems or little sad stories after a simple “aww am really sad to hear and hope things get better!” They are not going to offer you help even if they could. Nobody really cares anymore. Every little person wants to know your problem, fear or secret so they would laugh at you later or use them against you in time of war 

They just want entertainment .. So why bother yourself and waste your breath by opening up or telling someone why u re sad in the first place. Sometimes it’s better off that you join these people fake smiles and laughters. Just remember this: telling someone your secret or situation is like reporting your crime to the judge. You would either win the case and get help after or prepare yourself to be taken to jail if the info provided defines you as criminal. Even though that pretty caring smile makes you think that person care enough for you: “you thought wrong” because that pretty smile is a judge behind bars. She’s going to analyze every thing you tell her carefully and then be judgmental about it. Also remember and be smart ..”behind every pretty little smiles lies an ignorant bitch, behind an innocent face lies a devil who’s wearing prada, behind every tell me I can be a help and I care, there’s an opposition of bitch I just want to know so I can make you more miserable. You see what I mean? Don’t blame me for this sorrowful little corrupted mind of mine. It’s the work of the society and little miss caregivers and friendenemies….be careful who you tell your story to or you will get burn badly


Dear old me, you are so good, even though you are too crazy, somehow frisky and sometimes unpredictable. You are a very good person and a great friend and you’re worth being called somebody’s sister and much more. The first time I met you, I thought you were extremely innocent, smart, intelligent, and hardworking and any other words I could use to describe you.


If I am not mistaking, I believe you are a very friendly and outgoing person based on how you carry yourself around others and how you talk to people. If I am not also misunderstood, you are very good at meeting new people and making new friends and also keeping the old ones. I studied you all your life and as a result, I found out a lot of info about you: when you were in high school, you met a lot of new people, befriended them, accepted some as your best friends and picked the closest ones to keep with you. So I have a question for you; can I tell you what happened in the year 2011 and where you are now in life? Of course you want me to. At the beginning of year 2011, you still have your five friends from high school; ya’ll were cool, fine and shared almost everything.


You were friends with all, close to some, closer to few but considered every one of them as your sisters. Summer came, fall stepped up, and winter ended and spring began. So spring, 2011 is when everything got destroyed. Which means laughter started and ended and guess what took place next, yeah no need to tell you because it would be rewriting your own history…uhmm what a coincidence; trust me I am not a stalker if that’s what you are thinking right now reading this. I just know that you aren’t friends with some of those besties, sisters anymore huh. HAHAHAHAHA LMAO LOL. I know this is not a laughing matter but please excuse me why I laugh in your freaking face LOLJ. Do you remember back in high school? If you did listen then I guess you do remember some important advice from your two favorite teachers and your college guide. Remember this: “College is the place where life really begin and also the place you actually learn who your real friends are.” Does this sound familiar? Yeah of course it does! Well this is the time. Anyways back to the STORY. Ya’ll went from being best friends, besties, sisters to being strangers huh…yup..L. I know I feel your pain and I know most of the time you feel unappreciated, you do so much to stay committed to ya’ll relationship but none of them try to do the same besides awaiting you to turn around, so they can stab you in the back because that’s where their hands and mouth can reach. They did stab your back thought but I know it hurts your heart instead L unbelievable isn’t it. Just when you thought everything would forever go right with you guys; three to eight years’ worth of friendship. Work hard all that time to make it happen but only took fourteen days to be destroyed. WOW. Well I guess the reasons weren’t good enough for the destruction of ya’ll friendship. I was not there to witness everything that had happened but I did experience all that had happened…WEIRD… Oh well…you had so many friends, but then they all


Left you AM I RIGHT?? They vanished in need of time. But let me tell you something. They taught you a very big life lesson so you can


realize something. They have taught you to look


Forward and realize what’s good, bad or worse. And when you fine the good ones and lucky to have them, hold on Tight to them.  From now on I learn my lesson, the lessons that took me so many years to learn. From the day I was back stabbed and bled in the heart; with tears flowing down my eyes because it hurt so bad :L. but it’s life. Sometimes people lose things because there’s a better one on the way. Maybe God used them to let me realize how beautiful and special the other friends are. Letting people in your life and loving them as your own and letting go of them is part of life obstacles.


But you know what’s funny; after all, they wanna be friends. Look at their faces; smiling and giggling; calling me to join into their dance. Oh how my face looks really calm right now but actually on my mind, I’ve already held up a knife and stabbed each one of them for ten times.  I am very disappointed in people nowadays. I thought I could trust people with everything I have including my life, but it seem like a bad idea after all. They tore me apart with my trust, loyalty and honesty. (J). like Monica say, “Whatever don’t kill you makes you stronger. And I guess she’s right because I am the stronger young lady ever made. I went through a lot hardship, disappointments, obstacles in my life but am still here, living my life along with the few people who love, cherish and value my trust and honesty. Despite the heart breaks, anger, anxiety, and tears caused by all of these people, I am still strong, ready to live for the next day and fulfill my future promises. From now on, it’s all about ME. MYSELF, AND I…oh wait. I mean me and my main squeeze: my real girls, my ride or dies. I am just going to be faithful and loyal to those who deserve and earn it. Well since they decided to talk to me out of nowhere, I am not going to be the bitch and the troublemaker or grudge bearer because that’s just being childish. I forgive every one of them. But it’s all going to be about smiling and moving on. I am feeling special and lucky to have the one and only person who I am proud and grateful to call my best friend, sister and the one I can trust my life with. Once again, I am always and forever going to be here to support and share everything I have with her. If I don’t have anything which she asks for, I will go looking for it; she deserves my loyalty, honesty, love and my all. And for the rest of the girls, they will always be here with me, always gonna be my friends. As for the rest, oh well I have forgiven them but things will never be the same again unfortunately L!


Dear Old Me, I want you to grow into a beautiful, smart and wise lady. don’t ever regret anything that goes wrong or anything you lose in life because it’s what it’s


Only God knows why bad things happen to us, so praise the lord, thank him and smileJ because tomorrow is going to be a better day. Dear old you, I wish you all the best in life. Good luck with everything! Peace!



It was one hot sunny summer in June 1999; birds singing, sound of leafs falling from the trees, and wind blowing out the windows. The house of Mr. Timmy was on the upper corner of the busy street where kids were playing, while others find their way to work.

“You have to tell that women sooner or later,” Lorena, the young lover of Timmy yelled as if she was deaf. I cannot continue on with this hide and seek games call a relationship…it’s either you tell her now or this relationship is over between us,” she continued.

“NOOOOO” Timmy screams as if he was being injected with a shot….

   “Lorena, hold it real quick, I love you and I am going to do anything for us to be together, if breaking my marriage with my wife is what I have to do to be with you for the rest of my life then that’s exactly what am going to pursue, so please give me a few days and I would see what I can do.”

After this conversation that seems to be a demanding one, Timmy made his way home to get ready for work. “Sweetheart is breakfast ready yet? I have to be at the office very soon,” he asked his wife Deliria as he reaches toward her for a kiss.

   –Honey, you know what, I am in a bit hurry now so I would just grab a bite later, see you in a few, I love you…MUAH!

            Timmy was a humble man, who was in his thirties and has been married to his wife for almost fifteen years but everything is about to change due to the new young mistress whom he finds ten times more attractive than his wife. At this moment as he drives to his office, his head is full of thoughts and mostly confusions.

This dilemma was a crazy one; he didn’t know what to do or whom to turn to for advice. When he got to the building, he took the elevator up the 98th floor to his office. He encountered with few of his colleagues on his way, but he barely notices them.

 “How do you do Sir,” one of the employees greeted Timmy as he walks by but he never replies him because he was in his own world. Finally he got to the office, sat down and the thinking continues.

   “How can I do this, I love my wife but again who wouldn’t want to be with Lorena as beautiful and attractive as she is. Somebody please help me get out of this horrible situation, God please hear my cry…OHH who am I kidding,” Timmy thought to himself   relaxing his legs on the table.

“You know what, I am done with this thinking and I am going to do what is right, which is calling my wife and telling her that I cannot continue on with this marriage…PERIOD… he didn’t complete his sentence when his assistant worker walks in……


To Be Continued