The Revenge: Live or Die

Chapter three

Medical Emergency
5:30 P.M

“Pardon me, sir, do you know where room 32 is? Am here to see my friend.” Cherish asked one of the doctors as she walked quietly towards the nearest desks.

“Yes, how may I assist you?’ he answered while rearranging the documentation in his hands.

“Is there any way I can see my best friend, she was admitted here a few hours ago, but I was told she was in room 32. I want to see her, do you mind showing me the way there please.”

Go straight ahead. And take a right after the second blue door. You will find room #32 on the left. But I believe she’s still asleep due to the treatments she was given. By the way I’m Doctor Chinie. I will be in my office if you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to stop by.”

“Oh, thank you a lot Dr. Chinie.” She said appreciatively.


Room #32
5:55 PM

Cherish walks attentively as she stares deeply into each room she passes by. When arrived at the door, she stops and knees on the floor, closes her eyes and began to pray. “Hey big guy… Sigh… God am about to enter this room to see my friend Chandelle, please father let her be up and okay. I don’t want her to be in pain or feel anymore discomfort. I really would not know how to react if she is in so much pain. By the way, thank you so much for protecting her and not allowing that creep to kill her. I love her so much and you know she is the only one I have since my parents went away. Amen.”

After praying, she opens the door, pulls the curtains and quickly ran to where Delle is laying down.

“Hey sweetie, are you all right? Wow…hmm am so happy to see you sis. I miss you a lot, I won’t lie. I can’t do anything without you around. The past hours have been the most terrifying moments of my life; you remember when we first moved into our dormitory together, in that triple room but kicked our roommate out? Ha, yeah, I do too. Those were the days. Where we would disturb our suite mates and didn’t give a crap? We would drink all night on one of those weekends and share secrets, fears, and call ourselves dumb asses… Chandelle honey, are you okay?” but there was no answer.

Cherish sat on the hospital bed next to Chandelle for about two hours gazing into her face, searching for signs, hoping she would just wake up, give her a tight hug and say“let’s go home Cherish; am feeling good now.” unfortunately, none of that happened. Another hour later, Cherish fell asleep.

“Hey, there may I come? I need to make sure that our little friend here is doing okay. There was no reply so Dr. Chinie went inside and tapped Cherish on the shoulder so she could wake up.
“Oh hey Doc, how are you? Do you mind checking to see if my friend is well.? She asked quietly. “Of course, that’s why am here for, have you eaten today miss?” He replied.

“No Dr. Shine I didn’t really want to eat anything right now. Am just worry about Delle.”
“Well, you got to move over a little so I can do some test on her.” He instructed her.

Cherish took five steps away from the patient’s bed and let the doctor do his job. But her eyes certainly widen up as he held one of Delle’s hands out with the palm facing upwards and the elbow slightly bent, places his index (first) and middle fingers on the inside of her wrist, and presses two fingers lightly on her skin as if to feel her pulse. “Hmm… um.” Then he stopped and began shaking his head sadly.

“What is it? Doc, what is it? Tell me the truth now. Please tell let me know. Oh, good lord. I just can’t imagine losing her now. You cannot do this to me now? Why?”

“I’m very sure that with God all will be well. But you got to keep her in prayers because as of this moment, she doesn’t seem to be reacting to any of the medicine or vaccinations.”

“Are you sure she will be alright doc?” She asks as tears stream down her cheeks. “Yes, but miss where are your parents? I require a medical history or some sort of information on your friend.”

I don’t really know, sir. I mean I never actually get to meet Delle’s parents and we didn’t have the time to deeply talk about them. Is there a problem sir? She continued on.

“Maybe. Just maybe child… hmm but don’t worry too much, we will do our best to help her live. Dr. Chinie reassured Cherish who is now sitting on the bare floor with her face buried in her palms as if to hide her tears from being seen by the doctor. “Keep an eye on your friend and please do notify me or other nurses nearby if anything.” He instructed.

“I won’t hesitate doc. Thanks a lot.”

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