Sometimes people tell me that I don’t share!!

They say am secretive cause I don’t open up I talk too much but leave the important ones unspoken They want me open up my suitcase and unleash my glasses But I don’t feel like its the right thing to do because that’s the idea of bringing my glasses closer to destruction. Opening that bag is no problem but am afraid those glasses would fall out and break because they are fragile.One thing I’m sure of these people: they would not help fix my broken glasses after they have become broken.That’s all they wanted in the first place. It’s the same with telling someone or people your problem.They would be interested and concerned just to hear your sad little stories .But what solution would they be able to offer after hearing? Absolutely none.They will either pretend to care and sympathize with you pretentiously and then walk away with your problems or little sad stories after a simple “aww am really sad to hear and hope things get better!” They are not going to offer you help even if they could. Nobody really cares anymore. Every little person wants to know your problem, fear or secret so they would laugh at you later or use them against you in time of war 

They just want entertainment .. So why bother yourself and waste your breath by opening up or telling someone why u re sad in the first place. Sometimes it’s better off that you join these people fake smiles and laughters. Just remember this: telling someone your secret or situation is like reporting your crime to the judge. You would either win the case and get help after or prepare yourself to be taken to jail if the info provided defines you as criminal. Even though that pretty caring smile makes you think that person care enough for you: “you thought wrong” because that pretty smile is a judge behind bars. She’s going to analyze every thing you tell her carefully and then be judgmental about it. Also remember and be smart ..”behind every pretty little smiles lies an ignorant bitch, behind an innocent face lies a devil who’s wearing prada, behind every tell me I can be a help and I care, there’s an opposition of bitch I just want to know so I can make you more miserable. You see what I mean? Don’t blame me for this sorrowful little corrupted mind of mine. It’s the work of the society and little miss caregivers and friendenemies….be careful who you tell your story to or you will get burn badly


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