It was one hot sunny summer in June 1999; birds singing, sound of leafs falling from the trees, and wind blowing out the windows. The house of Mr. Timmy was on the upper corner of the busy street where kids were playing, while others find their way to work.

“You have to tell that women sooner or later,” Lorena, the young lover of Timmy yelled as if she was deaf. I cannot continue on with this hide and seek games call a relationship…it’s either you tell her now or this relationship is over between us,” she continued.

“NOOOOO” Timmy screams as if he was being injected with a shot….

   “Lorena, hold it real quick, I love you and I am going to do anything for us to be together, if breaking my marriage with my wife is what I have to do to be with you for the rest of my life then that’s exactly what am going to pursue, so please give me a few days and I would see what I can do.”

After this conversation that seems to be a demanding one, Timmy made his way home to get ready for work. “Sweetheart is breakfast ready yet? I have to be at the office very soon,” he asked his wife Deliria as he reaches toward her for a kiss.

   –Honey, you know what, I am in a bit hurry now so I would just grab a bite later, see you in a few, I love you…MUAH!

            Timmy was a humble man, who was in his thirties and has been married to his wife for almost fifteen years but everything is about to change due to the new young mistress whom he finds ten times more attractive than his wife. At this moment as he drives to his office, his head is full of thoughts and mostly confusions.

This dilemma was a crazy one; he didn’t know what to do or whom to turn to for advice. When he got to the building, he took the elevator up the 98th floor to his office. He encountered with few of his colleagues on his way, but he barely notices them.

 “How do you do Sir,” one of the employees greeted Timmy as he walks by but he never replies him because he was in his own world. Finally he got to the office, sat down and the thinking continues.

   “How can I do this, I love my wife but again who wouldn’t want to be with Lorena as beautiful and attractive as she is. Somebody please help me get out of this horrible situation, God please hear my cry…OHH who am I kidding,” Timmy thought to himself   relaxing his legs on the table.

“You know what, I am done with this thinking and I am going to do what is right, which is calling my wife and telling her that I cannot continue on with this marriage…PERIOD… he didn’t complete his sentence when his assistant worker walks in……


To Be Continued 


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